Meditation Day 2 

I woke up with anger in me. Well let’s face it there is always anger in me. Part of training in ninjutsu was to enhance my ability to eviscerate people when I was furious, then the other part became the peace of mind to never want to. Meditating this morning felt similar to that. Harnessing that anger then letting it go and finding calm. I listened to an audiobook a couple days ago called The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck. I strongly recommend it to anyone spending too much time giving fucks. I think that is what meditation in these very early stages is providing for me. Relief from giving a fuck. Not to the extent that the anger will consume me and I will rein destruction down upon all of these insignificant peasants, no, that’s intense. The meditation is just making me feel ok with the shitty people and things in the world, not my problem, not something that will weigh on my mind. I’ve also noticed that it makes me a little sharper in the morning. I am pretty satisfied with what I’ve experienced so far. 


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