Meditation Day 1 

Alright people i’m still sugar free and caffeine weaned. That is all going amazingly, I look and feel fantastic. I combined that with eating an awful amount of salad and vegetables every week plus working out. But I’m not here to talk about how you’re a lazy piece of garbage and I’m healthy. Today was my first day of guided meditation. I’ve never meditated before, there always seemed to be some sort of weakness in it. But after reading and listening repeatedly to countless successful people that meditate daily I figured it can’t hurt. Better to meditate than murder everyone that annoys me. I’m big on two week experiments. You can convince yourself to be dedicated to anything for two weeks, and experimenting seems to be one of the best ways to improve. The app I’m using is called Headspace. The first step is doing ten minutes a day for ten days. Today, my first day, I definitely experienced something. It felt like a bit more control over my own mind. Thoughts run rampant throughout my head all day long but for ten minutes they were reined in. I also felt a lot more at peace when I finished. I didn’t want crush everyone and sprint around accomplishing everything in life in a single day. All in all I think day one was successful. I hope to be able to achieve some level of heightened focus and peace of mind using meditation. We shall see. 


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