Write to the right and left behind/ the incessant ticking of all time/ as the words etch across my mind/ can I read them and is there a sign?
Yes, a big middle finger to the face/ of everyone that I’ve ever replaced/ and for the enemies I’ve yet to erase/ hello again shall we pick up the pace?
For I am eager and can no longer wait/ to eat you alive then reiterate/ there’s never enough put onto my plate/ the monster in me loves to hate
There are no survivors, not even me/ for it is my choice to set him free/ what I was will never again be/ once making pain produces glee
My monster will eat, I need not try/ for he feasts most often on your lies/ and as the world turns black and dies/ he only grows stronger and he thrives 
So feel free to run or fight if you dare/ I give no fucks from who I tear/ this monster loves the less I care/ the darkness in my heart is the monster’s lair


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