There’s only one person that I believe/ and if you all up and decide to leave/ I will not pause or cease to breathe/ if it’s better for me I won’t say please/ fuck it, carpe every diem, it’s mine to seize/ so fuck the world, birds and the bees/ if everything melts away my heart can freeze/ as my blood is boiling at 98.6 degrees/ more people in your world just spreads disease/ so when you pray for me break your knees/ if your God blessed me I have sneezed/ I handle life on my own with words like these/ and I’m screaming too loud to hear your pleas/ nothing worth while ever comes with ease/ and I do not fucking want anyone’s guarantees/ save your bullshit for someone full of feces/ I’d rather be shot in the face than aim to please/ “why’s he have to be such an asshole, geez”/ I’m a product of what the world conceives/ a place where love dies and no one grieves/ no one cares to look at what you perceive/ they steal each other’s lies to self deceive/ so when it’s all fake and there’s nothing to achieve/ then the truth is we are all just fucking thieves/ there’s only one person that I believe. 


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