Sugar/Caffeine Wean Day 9

Alright let’s do some catching up. Over the last three days my coffee consumption has been more like 1.5 cups than 1, no big deal. Saturday at lunch I had multiple mimosas, thus going way over the amount of sugar I wanted. Aside from that everything is going swimmingly. I decided to decrease my target water consumption from a gallon to 85 oz (approximately half of my bodyweight in oz instead of lbs). Scientifically speaking I feel like I could kick the shit out of the world. My abs are back (well 4 of them) and I haven’t been getting any extra exercise. I spent 3 years training in ninjutsu and right now I actually feel in fighting shape for the first time in probably 4 years. My energy is through the roof, at no point during the day do i feel tired regardless of how much sleep I get. Speaking of which my sleeping pattern is back to normal after being way off all weekend. Mentally I feel sharper than ever. I’ve burned through a couple books in these 9 days and would have no trouble annoying you with all of the things I learned, not to mention 20 or so podcasts. All in all everything is going even better than anticipated, discounting the occasional increased desire to kill people. But no casualties so who cares.


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