Sugar/Caffeine Wean Day 5 

The less than delightful beginnings of Sugar/Caffeine Wean day 5.
I survived yesterday with little to no effort, but let’s talk about my sleep schedule. It will soon cease to be. It used to be 10ish to 5ish every single day. Last night 12 – 3 and the previous night 11 – 2 then 4 – 6. Needless to say this lack of a sleep pattern is not ideal and certainly contributes to the vast increase of dreams that I’m having. It was cool when Martin Luther King had one but mine are not inspirational. This will be a two cup of coffee morning. I’m not tired per se but I want it and my modus operandi for using Latin twice in the same sentence involves a second cup of coffee. I drank enough water to drownd a fish yesterday, which somehow increased my appetite? Yet I still managed to not eat breakfast and hold off on dinner until 11:30. It would seem I’m starting to sprinkle this self-control stuff into unnecessary aspects. I am absolutely certain my mind is sharper without sugar, until I fall asleep and then it let’s loose all over the place.


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