Sugar/Caffeine Wean Day 4

Beginning of day 4 limited sugar and caffeine 
I had extremely vivid dreams all throughout the night, which I suppose is much better than daytime hallucinations. Well, unless you’re into that. I’m fairly certain the dreams are directly correlated to my little experiment because I had more dreams in one night than in the previous 3 months combined. Also in every dream I was in a battle, which is what this feels like. In addition to all of that fun I woke up wide awake at 2 in the morning but managed to coerce my brain back to sleep with a forced reading session. I drank close to a gallon of water yesterday in an attempt to mitigate the affects of the caffeine wean (it’s fun because it rhymes). As far as I can tell this was undeniably successful, no urge for caffeine and no more light headedness. I just finished consuming my single cup of coffee for the day. I miss having more simply because I enjoy drinking coffee, but I find that I am springing out of bed with even more energy. Which is impressive because I am one of those obnoxiously ready for the day morning people. Seriously sometimes I even sing and whistle, that level of annoying enthusiasm. I plan on keeping a goal of 128 oz (a gallon) of water a day though this kind of alters my experiment. I do not care because this whole damn thing is for myself. Anyway about 20 oz of water down so far, I’ll let you guys know if I pee my pants.


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