Sugar/Caffeine Wean Day 6

I was fully functional yesterday until around 2 a.m running on 3 hours of sleep, even with a longer than usual work day. Aside from a second cup of coffee in the morning I had no extra caffeine. No extra caffeine but lots of extra beer. To my surprise I woke up feeling fine, but that probably speaks more to the excessive water consumption than to a lack of sugar. I ventured forth into public (not my idea, almost never my idea) and didn’t kill anyone, despite being submitted to the ramblings of an extremely intoxicated, less than intelligent, divorcee that wanted to be friends. No amount of beers, sugar, or caffeine would ever have made that happen. I fell off the wagon a bit in terms of trying to eat healthy. I had a salad with me (people carry salads around with them right?) but I ended up eating chicken tenders and cheese bread. Ok I didn’t fall off the wagon, more like I set fire to it and delighted in watching it burn (I have a thing for fire). Whatever, if I have to choose a vice I’ll take chicken tenders over belligerent divorcees. My focus still remains sharper without the sugar and I think the slow drownding of water is definitely benefiting me as well. Also the side effect of irritability (HA, like I wasn’t always irritable) is starting to fade a bit.


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