When the world says I’m cynical/ I respond technically I’m clinical/ and skepticism is integral/ to producing something printable/ I still find life winnable/ I’m not made of stone mere mineral/ and find the positives of others minimal/ so I only like them in intervals/ yes I probably find you killable/ but never in sense that is biblical/ see my literature isn’t literally literal/ it’s my wordplay, it’s liberal/ in that I can change any syllable/ just to pivot, and that’s pivotal/ matter of fact it’s unequivocal/ so I rarely delve into the political/ whilst attempting to reach my pinnacle/ no I live by my own principal/ though I am a man intrigued by visual/ which keeps me confident I am vincible/ but if we choose to get physical/ it will be deeper than what is visible/ see my fingers break it down, therefore it is digital/ and I have often found when they write it is formidable/ though not always bound to be forgivable/ so if I make life sound as if it’s miserable/ I’m just playing around in the darkness being cynical.


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