The Stupidity of Love and Why Ignorance is Bliss 

  It is a powerful spell that makes us capable of looking at another human being and seeing no faults. Sometimes it’s so intoxicating that it engulfs us completely, to the point that we expect the person we love to be flawless. Think about all of the time you’ve spent critiquing yourself and yet, in general, we manage to love ourselves. But we find it almost unbearable to admit our mistakes and faults, to know we are not flawless.
  I cannot define true love for you, most of the time I cannot even define it for myself. But it starts after the spell is broken. It begins once you know someone isn’t perfect, when you purposefully choose imperfections that could one day hurt you. And that my friends is incredibly stupid, that’s bad business, that’s poor investing, that is a blissful ignorance. 

  Handing someone the power to hurt you knowing they are capable of doing so. It’s borderline masochistic. What kind of idiot would do this? You, me, and nearly every single one of us some day if we are lucky.   

  If fortune favors you then some day you find a person that can’t possibly hurt you more than it would hurt you to be without them. Sometimes you get to keep believing this fairytale forever. Remaining blissfully unaware that at any moment your heart could be ripped from you and only returned to you as some small semblance of what it used to be. For at least 50% of people that becomes reality.

  Is it better to be stupid and naive? Is the bliss worth the ignorance? For you, I don’t know. For me, yes, every single time… yes. Though I am vehemently opposed to intentional acts of ignorance it will always be yes. 

  Yes it can shatter you into a million pieces. You may slowly and painfully pick up those pieces and build walls that never let anyone near you again. And you could remain there forever in your city of one making good ,smart, educated decisions. The pain could motivate you for the rest of your life. You may become the best person you know. But it won’t be bliss.

  Life is too dark and too bleak even for my cynical mind without the potential of love. The light at the end of the tunnel is love. A belief in anything grander than yourself, larger than all of humanity, that is love. And if you’re stupid enough you may find it some day.


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