You see her in reality, she’s beautiful in all of her splendor/ so you go creeping through Facebook with the intention to friend her/ she’s single! so you go to throw your hat in the ring, another contender/ but you’re completely full of shit, just another pretender/ because the only thing you know about her is her gender/ she accepts and since she’s single you think she has no one to defend her/ because you don’t understand she doesn’t need someone with strength to lend her/ you start right away with manipulations trying to sway or bend her/ snooping through her Facebook to find the next lie you decide to send her/ a magnificently painted portrait of bullshit you continue to render/ as you repeatedly push to “hang out” in hopes she’ll surrender/ you ask and ask but can’t grasp let alone comprehend her/ thinking she’ll give in because she’s ripe for the picking and tender/ but she’s seen this a hundred times so puts your mind in a blender/ and when she fucks with you back you lack tact so condemn her/ when you were the one with the view so slender/
Don’t be a fucking creep. 


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