The Christmas Poem

T’was the day before Christmas and all through the land/ not a creature was stirring, not even the lambs/ not the followers, the lemmings, nor even the sheep/ had yet to awaken from their complacent sleep/ the stockings were hung and the presents well wrapped/ but a gift to the world, well, they had none of that/ decorations were up, the facade placed with care/ and true Christmas spirit was forgotten to share/ the image was beautiful, yes that much is true/ but they help themselves before they ever help you/ the plans were all made, the presents carfully placed/ six dozen Christmas cookies made just to taste/ while the homless sat hungry and in need of a bed/ evil slept peacfully and remained well fed/ it’s ok, you gave two quarters to make a change/ and received a little piece of mind in exchange/ but the can goods, oooohhh the can goods, yes bravo/ now on the naughty or nice list you have something to show/ so sleep well world, don’t fret or have fear/ you only have to be generous when it’s called Christmas cheer/ i have no gift to bring pa rum pum pum pum, just something to say/ i want you to see it’s dumb, dumb, dumb, to only care for one day.


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