Poetic History 

Another old one…
​Ladies n gentleman, children of all ages/ let me tell ya how i grew up to grip n rip pages/ first time i let my mind unwind into rhyme, 6th grade/ the hong kong song, title of the first poem i ever made/ “hong kong song, fortune cookie never wrong” i remember that/ also the first year I fell in love with rap/ hearing the passion in the words by DMX/ not knowing the key to relieve stress was in text/ but that’s when i learned the power of words/ i could create to eviscerate people I hate with simple verbs/ but I didn’t have the ability to manipulate or flow/ i couldn’t build up and my punch lines came slow/ I hadn’t felt the pain that made my brain remain jaded/ i hadn’t felt the shove of love as it faded/ my lines didn’t have several rhymes to times or multiply/ my core didn’t have a true sword cuz i still knew how to lie/ and this is a little thank you to my only true ex/ yes i guess now somehow i’m honest for every someone next/ as i got older n colder i developed an edge/ a force to forge n forget without remorse, a hammer to sledge/ I noted my words are weapons n loaded my chamber/ so i could endanger any friend, foe, or stranger with my anger/ I began to write my life with the point of a knife daring pain/ and I still let blood flow when I let go of my brain/ see i fucking made me be exactly that which I desire/ but people n evil well hell they provided the fire/


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