Old Wordplay 

This is an old one…

​I can write a sentence, punch a line, and make people laugh/ then drop the period, and let it run on into blood bath/ Carrie the flow telekinetically show the enemies i’ve amassed/ i touch no tries at colorful lies to empha the size of our contrast/ i don’t spell well but hell if I break i’ll use my mind to cast/ write magic, toss in a cheesy line while i practice my craft/ Dear Magic, I have enough personalities to make up a writing staff/ 180 characters tweeting, impossible to follow down the path/ read between the lines, a sharp mind can cut them in half/ but if I switch with which i do this bitch can you continue to do the math/ i mean when you find the rhyme scheme n the time seems too fast/ can you go back to the  beginning n wait while I reiterate my past/ move my feet without a beat see music in how i do this to everlast/ but it’s a waste how i race to erase the misplaced past I have surpassed.


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