Angry Word Play

Three years ago and much more annoyed with stupid people…
​Bottom line can’t be read i’m an optometrist hittin lines blurry with such fury it’s commaless. Fuck a comment list compliments and an entire column of columnists writers are colonists settling on wordy vomit lists so i’m bombin this populace n metropolis. Jab me like ima miss you can’t handle or fondle this honestness prime example of an optimist transforming to Optimus so ima just write confidence into dominance richly worded opulence for the portion of the populace with the competence to follow my consonants n content across the continents. Lost my mind n consequent there went consciousness. I want a world wide conference on cognizance. UGH. People fuckin ketchup like hittin condiments condomless without consequence. Fucking CATCH UP. Hence i’m providing prominence to a providence less prominent to those sent n hell bent to make occupants of ignorance occulent.


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