My Creative Process 

Wake up two to three hours before necessary. 
Slide out of bed as silently as possible so I don’t disturb my fiancé.
Quietly feel around looking for pants in the dark.
Fail to find any pants and settle for a blanket.
Sit on the couch with a perfect mixture of darkness and silence, usually with a dog next to me. 
Begin scrolling through several hundred note pages on my phone.
Fail to feel inspiration.
Get up and make some coffee.
Scroll faster. 
Have my first drink of coffee.
Finally find four to six words I jotted down that I don’t hate and that rhyme. Yay!
Start shaping them into something clever.
Ten to fifteen minutes into writing decide what I’ve come up with is a dumpster fire.
Go back to scrolling through my phone.
Find a topic I wrote about once and rapidly expand upon it.
Write, write, write until what I’m writing starts to suck.
Ferociously slash and edit what I just wrote in an effort to shape it into some form of literacy. 
Move from that back to scrolling.
Locate a piece with several sentences that rhyme. 
Say “good morning” to my beautiful fiancé as she stumbles out of the bedroom in a daze.
List as many rhyming words as I can.
Start creating a pattern that has a flow based on the rhyme scheme.
Write until it has some semblance of a point with coherent thoughts.
Go back through and replace words until the majority of the piece rhymes.
Give the topic piece I wrote earlier to my fiancé so she can edit it and tell me she likes it… even if she doesn’t, maybe especially if she doesn’t.
Put that topic on my blog spending 10 seconds or less on a title.
Do a final review with finishing touches on the poetry and/or lyrics I wrote.
Put that into a blog, choosing a title from words in the writing.
Go back and look at the first thing I was writing that morning.
Get annoyed by how mediocre it is and decide to never write again.
Get ready to work.


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