The Failure of Success 

 Do not let success be the sole proprietor of your happiness. If you’re ambitious, then what you perceive success to be – your goals – will always change. Yearning for more is definitely not a bad thing. But if you’re constantly setting the bar higher, and only happy when you’ve achieved something, then really you will forever be moving happiness just out of reach. 

  By all means, keep trying for more, but learn to reflect and enjoy the things you’ve already accomplished. I mean really make some time during your day to practice gratitude. It doesn’t take long and you’ll feel exponentially better about your life. 

  Never fear failure. If you never fail, you’re not doing anything worth being done. You must face failure to truly challenge yourself. Expecting to succeed in everything you do is expecting to do everything you’ve already done. 

  Life is ever-changing and so are our goals and expectations. What we want from life today isn’t the same as what we will want a year from now or even a month from now. Define exactly what you want and go after it without fear of failing. When you get there, don’t immediately push on to the next thing. Savor the moment, celebrate, enjoy it! 



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