Face to face with myself for inspiration/ it’s my own inspiration that I’m facin/ reflecting on myself with elation/ #nofilter I mean without filtration/ I see my hunger turn to starvation/ stay hungry or die no separation/ it’s black and white to me no segregation/ my eyes can realize a shitty situation/ so I don’t hold shit in for constipation/ real with myself I’m not just dream chasin/ i won’t allow me to start getting complacent/ even though that makes for impatience/ drive keeps me alive and my heart racin/ I don’t get tired my tires need no replacin/ so I rarely feel beat, defeat, or their deflation/ fond of myself and I reflect that admiration/ love for myself is a manner of self preservation/ I’ve got problems and run into them without hesitation/ no time to even give my shoes a lacin/ but my heart beats to my words and dictation/ are beautiful music so I don’t change the station/ no, I listen to my heart for the entirety and duration/ it overrides the ADHD to form creation/ still while I write I am pacin/ writing in steps while I take step toward migration/ just to find myself whatever the location/ won’t stand for less than what warrants ovation/ I write to open my eyes, a forced dilation/ enjoy making my own lines no need for tracin/ don’t sweat the hate, a fire without perspiration/ I dig deep in myself, a self interrogation/ and love to reread while reflecting on the information.


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