Annoyed Rhyming 

I love the shell I’m in/ and if you get under my melanin/ you’ll find that adrenaline/ oozes from my skeleton/ you and I don’t gel, no gelatin/ I don’t like you, no gellin then/ if we have beef, it’s wellington/ under your pastry thin swelling skin/ always offended by the same shit you’re dwellin in/ so I’m verbosely YELLING and telling “men”/ you’re a pussy if it’s offensive to be femanine/ a sea of stupidity is the hell i’m in/ called out on the bullshit you’re peddlin/ word play, and i’m so much better at meddalin/ if there’s one thing I medal in/ it’s getting the mental win/ preach hate then come get your medicine/ tell your friends and next a kin/ that walls of stupidity built for a Mexican/ couldn’t help you rest again/ when I hunt you down my deer like venison/


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