Pointless Politics 

​90% of you are politicking to people with whom you already agree/ 

if you invested 50% of that time on yourself maybe you’d actually be free/

This candidate lies, no this one does, as you type lies to yourself/

Like the fucking president is the key to you accumulating wealth/

If you’re concerned about your job getting shipped overseas/

Stop sucking dick at having a career and get up off your knees/

A bunch of whining about whiners to other people that whine/

Bitching about two criminals while you jail your own time/

If you truly give a fuck about something worth a debate/

How about talking to yourself about making your own America great/

What are the odds that you’re able to change someone’s vote/

What are the odds you’re wrapping politics around your own throat/

How many of you understand that what we call news/

Is entirely designed for the purpose of getting views/ 

Post this, share that, you have to spread the word/

About a bunch of pointless shit everyone has already heard/ 

If that is what you do I hope you merely aim to entertain/

But still I must question how you delegate the power of your brain/

Go make a difference in your own life, focus on you/

And I promise no matter what it will improve your point of view.


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