An Old Rant 

​Say nay nay to a beat, just writin how I speak/ watch me whip, go off, n stay on fleek/ bit off my leash, found out my release so I’m not worried in the least/ the belle of the ball truly a beauty when i beast/ they won’t get saved by the bell hell I’m makin em screech/ if they don’t feel me it’s cuz I novacane my pain with well worded relief/ bite my style lose your smile and eat your own teeth/ cuz i don’t just brush when i use my reach/ call me an asshole then google tongue-in-cheek/ doin talks on a soap box as I preach they yell speech/ if it’s not my year then 52 times it’s my week/ still don’t have a mill so they can’t say that I’m meek/ Theon when i be on find joy in the grey while these peons just reek/ the only thing i seek to keep is my ability to remain unique/ in that I’m mountain a comeback n haven’t even hit my peak/ i’m not goin with a paddle when I’m flowin down shit creek/ it should be noted most that boated done sprung a leak/ spit up pure shit up when they sit up n sound dumb when they speak/ so in rhyme I mind fuck like I’m tryin to get em to the greek/ blue their minds but blew mine, I’m fuckin mystique/ mutate words align define redesign refine n then rhyme the technique/ flip em two birds with one verb if they open their beak


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