A Glimpse 

​Wonder if I’m speakin right

I just fuckin speak n write

Shit that I seek at night

Wonder about my recent life

My highs at a decent height

So i’m never peakin right?

A glimpse barely peekin sight

Can’t keep all of the piecin tight

Puzzled seekin peace at night

My blood and tears here leakin life

Don’t slip the pen tip is a freakin knife

No meaning unless i’m weepin right?

So I quit many of my sleepin nights

When I blacked out deep in light

Couldn’t find me but this beacon might

Rip my own flesh just to weaken fright

Spit my wit get a bit of this beak n bite

I’m catchin every single weekend flight

Yes I’m only up for reachin height 

To everyone in the way leachin life

I keep this knife for breachin rife.


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