A Poem for My Love

​It was easy being hard, staying stoic as a stone/

Casting everyone away and yet you were never thrown/

Being right too much often gets you left alone/

But I bet all my single time you’re the best I’ve ever known/
Comfortable while soft, before you it wasn’t allowed/

So when we’re rich together we’ll sleep up on the clouds/

Seven billion people, anything more than us is a crowd/

So I applaud you for being you, you always make me proud/
When we touch it’s fire that I now understand/

I would torch the world to merely hold your hand/

As we embrace I am more than just a man/

You don’t simply fuel my fire, you’re my biggest fan/
When I measure depth my dear you are an ocean/

Vastly expanding far beyond the limits of my emotions/

Though on the surface parts of us remain frozen/

Know that beneath my faults you’re the volcanic explosions.


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