​Sometimes it washes over me, sometimes it rolls in waves/

Sometimes it’s like drowning and there’s nothing left to save/

Sometimes it’s dark, cold, lonely, and I just want to cave/

Sometimes it feels like dying, sometimes it’s cozy as a grave/

Sometimes I can take it, though I know it’s more than I gave/

Sometimes it keeps me hungry, sometimes it’s all I crave/

Sometimes it’s a word, a mention, or an entire phrase/

Sometimes a sweet, simple smile can set it all ablaze/

Sometimes it burns me, but it always cuts through the haze/

Sometimes it is everything, yet sometimes it’s just a phase/

Sometimes I’m lost in it; yes, sometimes it’s only a maze/

Sometimes I see it all night, but I have known it many days/

Sometimes it eclipses the sun, I can no longer see the rays/

Sometimes I block it out and my whole world turns to grey/

Sometimes I have earned it; yet, other times we merely play/

Sometimes I want to leave but it’s the only thing that stays/

Sometimes it’s all I see and you can catch it in my gaze/

Sometimes I owe it to myself, sometimes it’s all that pays/

Sometimes I ask for more, sometimes it’s how I raise/ 

Sometimes it elevates me, sometimes it’s only praise/

Sometimes it’s all I count on, for I can always count the ways/

Sometimes it takes all of me truly struggling to convey/

Sometimes it’s in my words, but there’s nothing left to say/

Sometimes it inspires me and I put it on display/

Sometimes it surprises me in the most beautiful array/

Sometimes I hunt for it though I rarely become its prey/

Sometimes it takes a part of me as it slowly fades away/

Sometimes love is the only reason that I am ok.


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