Once Platonic 

​We both loved words, went as far as talkin gets/ as I grabbed onto her sexy rockin hips/ I gave her a kiss and tasted the apocalypse/ I saw stars, she was a rocket ship/ completely blasted away my logic n wits/ I lost sight of what was so obviously ominous/ felt real deal unsealed promise lips/ mesmerized watching her hypnotic strip/ I unknowingly entered her toxic grip/ she had this incredibly irresistible exoticness/ eyes two green pools of pure erotic bliss/ her heart hard and cool as any onyx gets/ but I have a fetish for a slight demonic twist/ we shared a true and honest kiss/ as i pinned down her once platonic wrists/ then took her between those iconic hips/ together our imperfections made a flawlessness/ while I broke her like the rules of our lawlessness/ lowered down onto me, stripped her cautiousness/ as I roughly seized her consciousness/ two animals attacking while conscienceless/ lost together losing all cognizance/ oblivious to feeling our consequence/ I still taste her lies on my honest lips/ but for a single night I saw comets flip/ so though we have space, barely talk n shit/ to me she will always be a rocket ship/


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