Broken Bones and Hearts 

​If I didn’t break my bones/ to keep a heart of stone/ if someone else could feel like home/ and I didn’t need to always be left alone/ if I didn’t only feel grown/ when I have to do it all on my own/ if I had the courage to pick up that phone/ and my flying fucks had ever flown/ if my words hadn’t been honed/ to always have an edge in my tone/ if I didn’t prefer to stay unknown/ and never spent any time in the friend zone/ if people didn’t bitch, piss, moan, and groan/ and my heart was never broke and thrown/ if I always got to reap what was sown/ if I could learn to be lenient and condone/ someone to be there as I roam/ or gave second chances to atone/ if i could forgive everything i’ve been shown/ would I still only feel lonely when I’m not alone?


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