​As they say vocation, vocation, vocation. Ok that’s not the expression, but it should be! What life really comes down to is finding your vocation. The thing that you were put on earth to do, or multiple things if you’re a badass.

  You’re put on the spot, gun to your head, and asked how you define yourself. What is your response? Obviously, your first action is to pee a little. But what’s the first thing you think of? That is probably your vocation.

  There is a huge difference between a job and a vocation. A job is the work you do every day while contemplating how you ended up in this misery and where you’d rather be. That IS NOT a vocation. You were not born to be miserable.

  A vocation can be anything that you were meant to do. I am a remodeler, a ninja (I train in ninjutsu), a fiancé, a dog lover, people hater…but I was born to write; I am a writer. Some people are amazing parents and being a parent is how they define themselves. There are even lucky bastards out there whose career and vocation are one in the same.  The key: a vocation has to be something you love.

  Find what you love to do. We all have hobbies, unless you live under a rock (if you live under a rock look into geology). That hobby can most definitely be your vocation if you have a passion for it. Honestly, you don’t even have to be good at it. There are plenty of people that are completely miserable doing something they excel at. 

  Let your passion be your guide. Even if your passion is anger, and being a troll on the internet is your vocation. Troll the hell out of it! Just stop wasting time doing something you don’t love. Quit living a mediocre life. Go carpe the diem, especially if Latin is your vocation.




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