Good Morning Dad

​  As I was entering some creeping fog this morning the song that played at my father’s funeral came on – Into the Mystic by Van Morrison. I love this song. The last time I heard it though I was near tears; struggling to keep my composure and find the strength to give a eulogy.  

  Today it was easier, almost every day has been easier than the last. All of them better than that day. This morning I smiled while I held back my tears. When the song ended I started it over again and enjoyed it. 

  Free Fallin by Tom Petty came on next, another song reminding me of my father. When my brother and I were young I remember singing “tree fallin” from the backseat while my dad drove. Clearly I’ve always had a knack for making dope remixes. So of course I sang along.

  The point of the pointless story is that shitty things get better over time. Even when you lose someome they can find a way to make you smile. Good morning Dad.


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