An Angry Look Back

Something I wrote several years ago. Evidently I was in a pissy mood…
​I don’t give a shit if they ever notice/ and above all else I understand n know this/ paint with pain how red n read this coat gets/ while I wonder if that fuckin quote hits/ beat everyone only rhythm when I note this/ dancing around my problems so I fuckin wrote this/ for every time it’s hard to breathe n my throat gets/ tight like I wrapped or rapped n roped it/ take care of myself n see how far hope gets/ Do I need help? Mother fuckin nope bitch/ 1 word for how I plan to cope, rich/ I don’t have a number 2, yeah no shit/ every mistake I make I take n own it/ life is hard this isn’t a fuckin foam pit/ leave everyone n on my Home Alone shit/ only ignorant when I wanna own bliss/ always in a rush every day’s my own blitz/ n half the time i turn it over when i see my phone lit/ you think this is pissy you should hear what my tone spits/ when I have to listen to 100 fuckers that have never known shit/ n if my words are daggers it’s cuz I wrote until I’ve honed it/ my pain is mine I’d rather protect than project or loan it/ so gettin stabbed in the back is why I sleep alone bitch/ 6 billion people and I’m only lookin for my own niche/ cuz burying myself inside these lines is the only time I feel home ish.


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