Fall View 

​When shit happens no I never call you/ I mean each n every single all you/ I don’t bother talkin that shit unless it’s all true/ small minded people can enjoy their little small view/ I don’t even leave any room to crawl through/ cuz what humans really all do is fall through/ I don’t have cracks, see what these walls do/ I don’t half ass, brand spankin fully all new/ don’t give fucks, leave both these balls blue/ drive harder n laugh while you’re all screwed/ cuz I wouldn’t even shift or sift shit to stall you/ nothing above me, so I’m like a bald dude/ got better at speaking, picturing you all nude/ or exposing anyone that gave me even a small tude/ scuff my puma and you’re gonna get mauled dude/ stayed hungry, going ham and you’re all food/ chewing bars puts me in my kill all mood/ always write, never my fault, true/ delete everyone, got that control alt dude/ used to it, and wouldn’t care if you all moved/ ghostwriter, get ghost, love it if you all boo’d/ didn’t gasp or get winded when you all blew/ everything leaves, to me it’s just a fall view/


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