Intelligent Life? 

​On some planets they call it honesty, on earth it’s called being harsh. How can people see their reality T.V shows when they can’t face reality? That would require a change of direction, and who needs change when we’re all a million bucks? If you have your eyes on the prize but everyone that shows up gets a trophy, what are you looking at? If no one tells you when you suck then how am I suppose to ever get a blowjob? Just kidding, kind of. Everyone should strive to improve. Which requires being aware that you aren’t perfect, you may in fact be the absolute worst. But after growing up getting enough gold stars to start a small galaxy who’s coming back down to earth? Who decided we should skip this planet when we started our search for intelligent life?  Surrounded by a bunch of yes men and no ladies. This is not my kind of party. So when I phone home I’m just talking to myself.


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