​Not cursed still always cursin/ at disaster while we flirtin/ a warning shot i’m alertin/ the words I’m blurtin will remain hurtin/ to worsen any person that isn’t a person/ my window pain I’m certainly certain/ will be convertin humans to curtains/ water under the bridge and i’m divertin/ no damn challenge merely avertin/ watered down people create aversion/ let the flow be my immersion/ if this isn’t greatness it’s a version/ too deep a steep submersion/ reap what you sow, grow from workin/ I adverse the verses I’m versin/ only aching for taking breaking n dispersin/ a flow like I’m fuckin surfin/ wave to everyone i’m adversin/ swervin through a sea of sea urchins/ so I go like I know I’m still searchin/ for a better me, the perfect person.


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