Conversing with Yourself

  ​I’m not sure why talking to yourself is considered crazy. It’s almost always the most productive conversation I have that day. My preferred method for communicating with the more creative/less sane inner me is writing. I write to find out what I’m thinking, to unlock how I really feel. 

  My true opinions appear as I write. I don’t just mean that they become apparent to the reader, I am saying I find what I truly believe via the written word. I question myself, then create answers. Isn’t thinking really just asking ourselves questions? Improve the line of questioning and you become a stronger thinker.

  The structure and organization of my mind is my writing process and vice versa. If there is any precision in the way that I think, then it was honed from the grind of writing and elaborating upon those thoughts. In conversation I may sound well spoken; in reality I have no idea what I’m talking about in comparison to the clarity while I write. My mind is a clutter and speech is more like throwing things out of the way than putting them into order.

  Finding a way to clear my mind and decompress is vital for maintaining my sanity. Many people use meditation to achieve this task. I am far too A.D.H.D to sit for ten seconds without fidgeting, let alone ten minutes. But I can find the same level of peace, tranquility, and lucidity while I’m writing. Plus I get to share the inner workings of a literate mind with those brave enough to spend ten minutes reading.

   Can you remember when you last took the time to sort your thoughts? I urge everyone to find what settles their head, what soothes their overworked brain. You only need ten minutes a day. Everyone can find ten minutes to spare. Jot, journal, color, sing, dance, meditate, whatever you need to give your mind a reprieve from the rigors of daily life. Don’t be afraid to talk to yourself, I promise you’ll end up less crazy.


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