A Letter to My Father 

​Dad since you’ve been gone I’ve smoked less than a pack of cigarettes, about 12 probably. All of which whilst I was slightly intoxicated. Speaking of which, I’ve tried numerous new beers. Rarely enough at once to get drunk but there have been several times that I needed to blow off some steam. I put louder speakers in my truck, louder than the sissy speakers you had in your car (Josh’s car now, he probably drives it like a pussy). My music is still way better than yours but I listen to Lithium sometimes and it reminds me of you and my childhood. I haven’t been reading the newspaper at all because this isn’t the 1920’s but I can tell you everything you need to know. The world still sucks, the weather is shit, U of M is awesome, the Lions aren’t God awful (probably just jinxed them), and the cubs won the world series. Yeah who cares about that last one, except they did it against the Indians which is amusing. I have been reading a lot in general though. Behavioral Economics mostly, understanding why people are stupid. I’m reading about the history of cancer right now, fuck cancer. I’ve been cooking more than I ever used to. Amanda and I even came up with our own chili recipe, dare I say it’s better than yours. Amanda, that’s the love of my life. You would’ve liked her a lot. She’s way smarter and prettier than me and she at least thinks that she’s funnier. She likes people about as much as you did (none) so she fits right in. We’ve gone a lot of places this year (Las Vegas, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee) which I know is like the exact opposite of honoring your memory but I was always more adventurous than you. Work is going well. Not “retiring next year” well but I make enough to do the things I want to do. Just wanted you to know how things are going. I miss joking and laughing with you. I miss your meals. I just miss you.

– Dan Man


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