Visual Lies Vividly Visualized 

​Analyze, man alive, I can’t stand you guys. How you standardize lies and don’t realize standard lies are uncivilized. Everyone is hypnotized, mesmerized, as we’ve memorized instead of minimized the lies we make up, visual lies, that we’ve so vividly visualized. Off-the-cuff and awfully often improvised yet fabricated lies are synthesized and idealized so much i’ve realized the real mass appeal of individual lies is when they’re individualized so solidly they’re solidified instead of liquefied. How the fuck can lying ever be dignified? Me and them, BIG DIVIDE! Lovely lies romanticized and I don’t know many romantic guys but i know romantic lies when randomized provide ladies a way to fantasize. Can’t I try to tantalize or please without these random handsome lies like I ran some random ransom lines? And come see here the solution lies. Truth is free, time to revolutionize. I will find where therein truth in lies no matter who I have to group and euthanize or crucify. Crucial if all you do is lie and unionize your mutual lies, that I utilize my neutral eyes to neutralize and neuter guys who work hard to supersize their futile lies. Fuck yeah I scrutinize and supervise while you take the truth and brutalize I make those brutal human lies break until they dehumanize. Sorry I may not be human guys, but look me in my fucking human eyes, i’m refuting and disputing before computing lies. Speak no lies, seek no lies, find people that equate equal lies, subtract from sequal lies, and add truth to equalize.


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