The Myth of Progress 

​  The myth of progress. A belief that people in present time are always more advanced than people of the past. The foolish notion that as we evolve we are constantly improving. That society as a whole can only improve. Thus giving us the belief that we always know more than our predecessors. 

  How? How can we only be improving when stupid people don’t have natural predators? If you’re an idiot no one is going to eat you. That is what’s wrong with society. There is no consequence for failing to better yourself. No repercussion for sitting in stupidity. You can believe the same dumbass shit you believed when you were twelve and find people that will agree with you.

  As the world becomes more connected we aren’t advancing. We are retreating into our own little worlds. Simply seeking a place where everyone agrees with us. A safe space for everyone to get a gold medal and a hug even when they’re completely wrong. Facts and truth don’t even matter because everyone is in agreement already. False, false, false! 

  Knowledge isn’t power, it’s arrogance. You have proper grammar? GRAMMAR NAZI! You speak as if you learned something after fifth grade? ELITIST! You write for fun? FREAK! It has become a world where knowing something means hurting the feelings of those that know nothing. Where people want you to keep your stupid intelligence to yourself. 

 Even if your phone case is solid gold this can’t be a golden age. You literally have thousands of years of accumulated knowledge within arms reach. Books are heavy, no one wants to lift that shit. Anyone that does is funneled in the same direction. Paying money to learn so that we can stop learning and make money. Where’s the incentive to know more, to be more, to do more? 

  Everyone is blessed blah blah blah, no. Some people are blissed, blissed with ignorance. The gift of not being troubled with a yearning to know. There’s so much more time for doing nothing if you never feel compelled to learn anything. Look at all of the room for activities when your brain is empty! 

  Don’t let the wool be pulled over your eyes. Never be content to only know what you’ve already learned or heard. Learn more, do more, struggle, fail, succeed, and progress. Get outside of your own world.


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