Painting Pain

​When you talk about me now tell em I used to be broke/ tell em about how I used to get choked/ by the folks that didn’t have time to follow my notes/ tell em thank you for everything that I’ve ever wrote/ tell em every whatever n never, that gave me hope/ tell em if they wanna see me I already said nope/ tell em shit I’ll buy em a coke if they can admit that I’m dope/ tell em I won’t step back n that shit’s a slippery slope/ tell em I changed the chains n I’ll put the rope on their throat/ tell em truth is the nooses were every time that they spoke/ tell em while they hang by a thread don’t drop the soap/ tell em I got outta my prison rhymin lines n bars that I wrote/ tell em I still paint my pain and I’m on the four hundredth coat/ tell em to know I kept my flow just to stay afloat/ tell em I sink my friendships but still showboat/ tell em they’re bitches while our bridges still smoke/ tell em that wood became the same flame that I stoke/ tell em I had to repair with no one there, I used to be broke.


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