​Lyrics once written for someone that wrote me off…

I have ideas, I’ll suggest a few/ come over so I can molest you/ you sneeze the day and I bless you/ if you show me what those breasts do/ Jk, you feel me? Then I caress you/ saving myself just for your rescue/ cuz every one I’ve done been next to/ is a lay, they aren’t the next you/ sleep on me, I’m hard to rest through/ my eyes focus on you, the best view/ do you mind when i mentally undress you? beauty is skin deep, what that flesh do/ roses are red, dead, n the rest blue/ cuz so often more of me is just less you/ I choke on my words n wanna neck you/ I’d go for broke to riggity wreck you/ when i hit it chickity didnt check you/ n I don’t crash cuz I can’t eject you/ but I can’t come raw and protect you/ you dont need anyone to correct, true/ n what the fuck does intellect do/ when I wanna examine not fuckin test you/ as I sit here n can’t even text you/ let alone try to fuck or fuckin sex you/ got demons like I hexed you/ but didn’t wanna posses you/ and i really must confess to/ bein a dick like that pic I sext you/ cuz that’s what it took to visually vex you/ love drunk, love being drunk, yes true/ now the more shots the less I suppress you/ sometimes that feels like my best move/ honesty doesn’t make for the best news/ n although i know you look the best nude/ no exposure doesn’t put me in the best mood/ a rocket ship needs space to jet through/ n I saw stars when I met you/ sorry if these words start to digress dude/ i’ll spit it out like an insect chewed/ you’re the bee’s knees if I were to dissect you/ but honey I can’t effectively affect you/ so you don’t dial me up, can’t connect through/ I guess you don’t know what the stress do/ and as I sit by this fuckin cesspool/ constantly knowing i can only yes you/ wonderin if the cloudy water reflect you/ pondering the harm and alarm that neglect do/ waitin for you to lay out next to/ grillin my heart like a cardiac arrest do/ cuz I wanna interest before I digest you/ but I can’t swallow or ingest through/ not being able to impress you/ I just stare at this fuckin mess dude/ if we don’t speak it’s less feud/ so it’s hard to get it off my chest dude/ when I think we’d be the best glued/ together will be the word I can’t text through/ just know these three, I respect you/


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