Life Improving Two Step Process 

​Two step process for improving your life…

  1. Don’t be full of shit.
  2. Don’t make terrible choices. 

  If you’re full of shit you’ll end up surrounded by shit people in shitty situations wondering what the shit is going on. If you make terrible choices you’ll end up with terrible people doing terrible things wondering how things went so terribly wrong. It really is that simple.

  Perhaps you’d like a mathematical breakdown. I am an asshole 45% of the time, indifferent 35% of the time, and nice 20% of the time. Yet I hate my life 0% and people rarely hate me. How is this possible? It’s quite simple. I’m not full of shit and I don’t make terrible choices.

  Simply put – it is simplifying your life. It is much easier to remember the truth than it is to remember bullshit. At the end of the day, bullshitting others is just bullshitting yourself. Compared to the drama and difficulty that ensues from terrible choices, life is effortless when you make good choices. 

  How do you differentiate between a good choice and a terrible choice? This is actually pretty straightforward. Do you feel any guilt or nausea about your decision? Is anyone getting physically, emotionally, or spiritually harmed? Are you risking someone’s life? Are there severe repercussions for what you’re doing? Does the time you’re spending far exceed the gain of spending that time? If the answer to these questions is no then you’re off to a good start. 

  Another bonus of not being full of shit and making good choices is the limited amount of vigilantes trying to justice you. People seldom go out of their way in their attempts to murder me. Granted the opportunity doesn’t often present itself because I do not make terrible choices.  You can speak your mind without being murdered if you avoid terrible choices and are not shit filled.

  The bar is set relatively low. You can probably walk right over it, and you’d have to be a contortionist to get under it comfortably. There’s no need to be perfect. Most of the time you don’t even have to be intelligent. Just don’t be full of shit and don’t make terrible life choices.


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