The Edge 

​I’m seeking a place where loyalty means more than just not biting the hand that feeds you. To find people that are not just loyal to their word but to all of their words. Where my words can keep their edge and if you walk all over that edge you get cut. Too much tip toeing around on political correctness, everyone is so sensitive. Well, sensitive until they sense there is no consensus with their senses and become senseless. So I still choose my words carefully, just so they can be carelessly interpreted. I’d much rather write than speak. But these words don’t mean anything, because it’s quicker to read a bumper sticker than a book. Food for thought, no. The words are chewed, mashed up, and spit out before thought. They’re all starting to taste the same to me, bland! The copper taste when your mouth is bleeding but you didn’t even know you were bleeding because you lost the perception of self reflection. And who has time to reflect? There’s this mirror right here and that’s all I need, right? So a selfie is true self. Fuck it, as long as the surface looks good why not dive into having no depth? If I drop knowledge it falls indefinitely and infinitely. It’s more likely to strike someone and hurt their head than to ever be picked up. Because too many people believe that writing isn’t beautiful unless you use a glitter pen.


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