Hollow Winter 

I wrote this about a year ago after my father passed and then a dear friend died…
​I’m the same as yesterday I cannot tell a lie/

I still understand that everyone has to die/

But as I sit and allow myself to wonder why/

It is all about myself not having more to cry/
If I never forget then I can immortalize/

The relationship I simply knew as you and I/

When there’s nothing left and I feel dehumanized/

I can look in the mirror and see your human eyes/
If I stand tall and strong as a tree now I am hollow/

If I’m on the right path I must find me to follow/ 

Where do you go when you only don’t want to feel/

What can you create when the color of life lost its appeal/ 
As I make this art and slowly rip apart my heart of lies/

As you leave, as I grieve I believe my fall days rise/

I have never gave an effing effort less, yes I guess I always try/

To smile until I close off being soft to all that start to pry/
Maybe I’m all out of fucks left to fly/

Friend requests you need not apply/

I’m just trying to keep these eyeballs dry/

And no one close enough to say goodbye/


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