Where the Palm Trees Grow

​I wrote this poem 3 years ago after going to see my girlfriend who had recently moved away to Florida….
I did not and I could not cast the first stone/ I took the path less chosen, the high road, alone/ Eventually I found myself as she kicked rocks/ Now I run the path that we would merely walk/ Together she alone made me more of a man/ When she panders to ponder I hope she understands/ If someday you see her be sure to let her know/ My path was never where the palm trees grow

I wonder as I wander if we both have our direction/ If I saw her would it create a moment of reflection/ Did we suffocate or did I take away her breath/ Has there ever been a right way when I’ve left/ A toast to the memories and everything believed/ Keeping faith in ourselves and lives that we lead/ I do not need anyone guiding me where to go/ My heart didn’t flourish where the palm trees grow

Every step has a purpose and a lesson to learn/ I no longer torch everyone that makes me burn/ I accept the criticism, no one gets what I do/ Finding forgiveness, I learned that from you/ I see the writing, it is I that puts it on the wall/ I rarely stumble now, I always catch my fall/ As I hit my stride and ease away from my low/ I’m walking from where the palm trees grow 

I write for no one, these words are my own/ Hand holding with a pen on the high road alone/ My writing turned on once you wrote me off/ It was a very hard lesson learning to be soft/ The unwritten memories of you remain fond/ I can keep those while I continue walking on/ I hope your eyes still shine while you forever glow/ My sun didn’t shine where the palm trees grow


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