Welcome to My Planet

  My planet leaves no survivors. People have been here, most often they have come and gone as they’ve pleased. I remain the only person that can live in this harsh climate though. Occasionally people visit and I am grateful when they do. I show them all of the wonders my planet has to offer. It is unique and beautiful here, if you have the time to understand what you’re looking at. But these resources are for myself and if they stay too long they inevitably wither away to nothing.

My planet has no moon, nightfall is darker than most people can imagine. But it’s clear every night, I can always see just how distant all of the other planets are. The days are still bright but the sun and source of light never ceases to alter, so the landscape is casted in strange ever-changing shadows. It is much colder here than what people are accustomed to. Not merely on the surface, but there is a coldness that comes from the depths that no one else has bared witness to. Still deep down at the core it burns as hot as planets twice the size.

My planet doesn’t belong to a galaxy. There is a gravitational pull drawing us to belong to something larger than ourselves and some of our characteristics are similar to other planets. But we require our outer space for inner happiness. Sometimes other planets pass close enough for us to get a really good feel for what it’d be like there. I have gazed out at the stars enough to know there is intelligent life elsewhere, somewhere. Perhaps one day I will venture forth and see what another world has to offer. However this planet that is just for me will always be my home.


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